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Deadpool - Movie of the decade?

By +Ian C

I have just watched the best movie of the year so far. Yes I know it's only February, but I doubt that anything else released during the remainder of 2016 will be better than Deadpool. If you think that is a bold statement, let me tell you this; Deadpool is the #1 contender for movie of the decade, and I am aware that there are still 3+ years left to go, with yet another Star Wars sequel on the horizon.

Deadpool - a photo cropper's worst nightmare
A photo cropper's worst nightmare
For those of you who are blissfully unaware of the Marvel Universe, Deadpool is not a remake of the 1988 Clint Eastwood movie which finally bids farewell to the Dirty Harry character. Wade (Deadpool) Wilson is much dirtier than Harry, and has much better one liners. He looks like Spiderman with a bondage fetish and has a mouth which is as fast as his reflexes.

If you still haven't seen the movie, I will not give away any spoilers. Just be aware that unlike all the Marvel movies before it, Deadpool is definitely not for kids. There is graphic violence, foul language, full frontal female nudity, sex scenes, Ryan Reynolds' naked ass and farting (#driveby).

Weapon XI aka Deadpool
This is a totally different Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds
Forget the Deadpool who was introduced in X-Men:Origins, even though he was also played by Ryan Reynolds. This is a different incarnation of the character, more inline with the original comic book character than the Weapon XI version, created specifically for the final battle in the Origins movie. This Deadpool is a lot more humorous and lovable as well as believable. And thankfully his mouth isn't stitched shut.

This movie not only breaks the 4th wall, but totally shatters it, and continually shows self awareness through self deprecation. Reynolds often tells the audience about how the movie could have been better with a bigger budget, a commentary on the studio requiring them to slash $7 million from the bottom line. The humor begins immediately with the opening credits by not listing the actors, but by listing descriptive typecasts such as 'the hot chick', 'the comic relief', 'a CGI character' and, 'a villain with a British accent,' as the camera weaves around a freeze frame of an action scene.

The jokes come fast and furious in both spoken and visual format, and most of them are at the vulgar end of the spectrum. At times, you wonder if the dialogue was written by a 13 year old boy, but then you get a biting piece of pop culture commentary about Liam Neeson's character in the Taken movies. "They made three of those movies. At some point you have to wonder if he's just a bad parent."

Deadpool is not going to win any Oscars or other awards since it doesn't conform to the standard rules of Hollywood, but some of those movies which did win big awards are really not that good, it's all a matter of subjectivity anyway.

Deadpool vs Elsa
Movie of the decade?
In my opinion, Deadpool is showing strongly for the movie of the decade award, displacing Frozen from the coveted #1 spot. With more than half of the decade already gone, it will take a lot to capture the title from Deadpool. Maybe Deadpool 2 can perform the impossible and be even better than its predecessor.

Please chime in with your opinion about Deadpool in the comments section below, and vote for your favorite movie of the decade in the poll which follows this paragraph.

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