Sunday, February 7, 2016

Today is Sunday 7th

By +Alexa Rankin

While the title may be self explanatory and rather obvious, the meaning behind it is not known to anywhere near enough people yet. A very large percentage of the human race is familiar with the ominous date of Friday 13th. A day where many vow to stay away from black cats and ladders at least until noon when the superstitions can no longer hurt you. My colleague, Tina, came up with a great idea in September 2103 to balance out all that potential bad luck. 

Lucky Sunday 7th
Sunday 7th - luckiest day of the year

Tina's idea revolves around the fact that while 13 is known in many cultures as an unlucky number, many of those same cultures recognise 7 as a lucky number. Sunday is the 7th day of the week so when a Sunday lands on the 7th day of the month, then it stands to reason that good luck will prevail. The ultimate good luck day would be Sunday, July 7th and the next one will occur in 2019.

Please help us to promote Sunday 7th as a lucky day and as the natural antidote to the bad luck of Friday 13th by sharing this with as many friends as will listen. We would also like to hear your good luck stories from today in the comments section below.

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