Sunday, August 2, 2015

What got slapped 60 months ago - August 2010

By +Tina Cruris

Normally I would wish all of you a Happy August and then add some small talk to fill this introductory paragraph and then proceed to review and recap the stories of yesteryear, the highlights from 12 months ago. Well this month, our reslap is going to be a little different.

12 months ago, we were on a break (again) and almost nothing was published for the entire month of August 2014, so you have a choice, you can either skip our reslap for this month and find something more exciting to do, or you can stick with me while I regurgitate the highlights from August 2010, while STP was in it's infancy and was masquerading under it's original title, My Twist News. This is a great opportunity to compare what we are doing today with our writing style of 5 years ago.

August 2010 Montage

The top posts froms 5 years ago are:-

#5 Rubik's secret revealed
These little buggers used to drive us all insane back in the 80's but now you can beat the Rubik's Cube in just a few steps. Find out how...

#4 Zac Efron to play Tommy in new musical movie
Remember Zac Efron and The Jonas Brothers? These guys were all set to reboot the classic 70's rock opera 'Tommy' with the help of Lady Gaga, Madonna and the original Tommy, Roger Daltrey.

Those supernatural screamers have made a stand against being compared to a crop of Canadian singers, and quite rightly.

My own online advice column was just starting up and people had some pertinent questions about personal grooming. Find out what they wanted to know, and what advice I gave.

The ancient sex scripts had another translation, this time from text to voice. Find out more, including where to buy this 2nd Century bestseller in a 21st Century format.

What do you think? Have we improved over the years? In my opinion, the writing style has improved vastly at the expense of volume and quality of output. Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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