Monday, August 3, 2015

New Species African Golden Wolf discovered

By +Ian C

So often we are hearing about tragedies in the animal kingdom, such as extinctions, so when a new species is discovered we get rather excited about it. This is absolutely the case with the African Golden Wolf, which was recently discovered in Africa.

The African Golden Wolf
The African Golden Wolf looks more like a fox
The wolf was originally thought to be an African Golden Jackal, given it's resemblance to the Eurasian Golden Jackal, but DNA tests have proved that this is an entirely new species with genes more like that of a wolf than a jackal.

"This is the first new canid discovery on the African continent in over 150 years", according to Professor Susi Varg from the European Wolf Foundation, "and is of particular importance since it may link the wild African dogs to the larger and more wolflike Northern European canids"

A Northern European Grey Wolf
A Grey Wolf caught on Canid Camera
People across the world have been talking about the new discovery, from animal experts to zoologists, even singer Kanye West has dedicated his song, 'Wolves', to honor the new African Golden Wolf. "I'm all about the African heritage. It's where I am from. I identify with the wolf. I am a hunter, and I am a part of the pack. I am the leader of the pack. I am the Alpha and Kimmy is my she-wolf," is something that Kanye may have said if he answered our call.

There has been a stirring of excitement here in Minnesota about the new species of wolf, as the Bloomington based, death dealing dentist Walter 'The Lion Killer' Palmer realised that he doesn't have one of these adorning the wall of his trophy hall.

Walter J Palmer about to take out a canine
Walter J Palmer about to take out a canine
How excited are you about this new discovery? More excited than Walter Palmer? Share your opinions, but please no comments about what should happen to Palmer the Poacher.

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