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What got slapped 12 months ago - June 2014

By +Tina Cruris

Hello and welcome to the month of June. I know these reslaps are usually reserved for Sundays, but the schedule was messed up by Sunday 7th and the next Sunday is half way through the month, so we ended up with a Tuesday post instead. Most of you don't read these on the day that we publish so it doesn't really matter that much anyway, it just gives me a chance to fill out the first paragraph with some small-talk.

For beginners, just keep reading an click the headings of any post that you want to read more about. For seasoned reslappers just click here and seek the treasure yourself. I apologize in advance for the low quality of the following montage, the images were not terribly inspiring for our graphics department.
June 2014 Reslap Montage
June 2014 Reslap Montage
The top 5 posts from this time last year are:-

#5 50 Shades of Orange
A brief introduction for people who had not yet experienced the Netflix original series, Orange is the new Black, which is about to return for it's glorious 3rd season on June 12th. I know I will be binge watching the whole thing at the earliest opportunity.

#4 Wyoming trialing electronic driver's license
Another of our pre-emptive posts where we predict the future news. We announced that the state oof Wyoming was trialing the new technology of the e-license; an iPhone app which is a valid state drivers license.

Man and the ocean have always had a love/hate relationship, but the hate came to a head last year when dolphins appeared to declare war on mankind. This was the biggest interspecies conflict since the 2010 Whale Wars.

In the wake of the Ukrainian troubles, some of the police have taken to using Spartan measures to control the masses. 

This time last year, the title of World's Most Attractive Man passed from a guy called Omar to a guy called Harvey. Read all about how he achieved this once in a lifetime achievement.

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser from yesteryear, and took the chance to explore June 2014 more deeply. Let us know what your favorite story from 12 months ago was, and tell us how good we used to be.

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