Sunday, May 24, 2015

How to not make money from blogging

By +Ian C

Anybody who blogs will at some time face the decision to monetize or not monetize. Monetize is a technical term for trying to make money from your website usually by selling ad space. Another great way to pay your bandwidth bills is through affiliate sales, where you promote a product and receive a percentage for each unit sold through your link.

Making money from your blog
Making money from your blog
Whichever method you choose to monetize your website, you will definitely need one thing; READERS. Without readers, there will be nobody to see or click the ads, nobody to follow your links, and nobody to generate revenue for you. So the key to not making money from a blog is to find an overpopulated segment which is has already been exploited, and in which you are the world's least qualified expert and then write about it. That way you are guaranteed hardly any visits per day, generating just pennies per week allowing you the opportunity of not quitting your day job and not living off your blog earnings.

This is precisely the model we chose at Slap The Penguin, and so far our plan has been successful. Our earnings to date from our primary ad source, Google AdSense, is fractionally over $100. Considering that we have been displaying ads since 2010 then that equates to $20 per year, or a little less than 4 cents per week. When calculated on a 'per post' basis we get about 12 cents per post.

We also have in place our affiliate strategy, which revolves around people following our links to a variety of product pages and then buying those items, which nets us a whopping 4% commission from every sale. Given our limited reader interaction and the restrictions of the Affiliate Nexus Tax Laws we were able to constrain our earnings to 4% of $0. With careful product selection and leading edge promotion you too can avoid making any money from or other affiliate friendly sellers.
4% of $0 is still $0
We are negotiating for a bigger percentage of zero
Thankfully advertisements are their own worst enemy. Many readers shy away from sites where there are as many ads as there are paragraphs of content, so to succeed in not making money, just increase your allocation of ad space. This may seem counter-intuitive, since more ads should mean more clicks, right...??? Many readers don't think that way, so to maintain minimal revenue, try doubling the number of ads on your pages.

If you are still interested in making money from blogging without shaking hands with the devil, then there is an alternative. Penny Pledge is a website trying to do away with the proliferation of advertisements on websites. Penny Pledge is a way to thank bloggers and webmasters for their efforts by donating to them with a simple click. Just click anytime you see this logo...

and you can donate directly to the writers. Try it and see with no commitment.

Please don't follow through with your pledge or click on any of the ads you may see otherwise you might throw off our well balanced minimal return program.

Please share your thoughts about online advertising. Do you click on advertisers links? Do you even notice the ads on webpages? Have you accepted ads as the new norm on most websites? Let us know so that we can continue to minimize our income.

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