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Peter Jackson set to finish Bad Taste Trilogy

By +Brad Naylor

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... or 3 decades ago in New Zealand, to be more accurate, a young, aspiring movie maker with an old 16mm video camera began filming what was to become the cult movie classic known as Bad Taste. That man was Lord of the Trilogies, Peter Jackson.

Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson
Jackson began filming Bad Taste in 1981 and spent the next four years (which is about average for a PJ production) with his friends and work colleagues making the movie with almost no budget. You might not be able to tell but Bad Taste cost only $30,000 to make. He wrote, acted, directed, filmed, produced, special effected, prop manufactured, costume designed and did everything else for the movie. He even used careful editing to create a clifftop fight between two characters, both of which were played by Jackson himself. The on screen actions of Derek and Robert were filmed months apart, and spliced together to give the illusion that they were fighting.

How Peter Jackson created his image
How Peter Jackson created his image
Much like George Lucas with Star Wars, Peter Jackson had a much bigger story to tell but did not have the budget to tell it. However with a long list of blockbusters under his belt, Jackson can now afford to continue the story of Derek, Ozzy, Barry, Frank and Giles, and has announced that he will begin filming the 2nd and 3rd movies in the Bad Taste Trilogy in 2017. There are also speculations that Jackson will make the pre-trilogy telling the story of how the Astro Investigation and Defence Service (AIDS) was formed, and how Crumbs Crunchy Delights discovered planet Earth and it's tasty inhabitants.

The Bad Taste Trilogy
The Bad Taste Trilogy
The second movie looks like it will carry on where the first one left off, with Derek heading off to the alien's home planet to wipe out their entire race and close Crumbs Crunchy delights for good, while the remaining members of AIDS battle bureaucracy on Earth, trying to get a spaceship so that they can follow Derek and help him on his mission to destroy the aliens. They end up hitching a ride and coming to Derek's rescue after his chainsaw runs out of gas.

The 3rd film sees the gang back on Earth doing battle against the witless alien, Robert, and the rest of the surviving aliens from the first movie. They have regrouped and reproduced creating a new improved alien army, hellbent on destroying the Earth in revenge for killing Lord Crumb in the first movie, and wiping out their planet in the second movie. Will the boys from AIDS be able to finally rid the universe of these blue denim shirt wearing aliens?

According to Jackson, "There will be no exploding sheep in either sequel, but there will be blood, and brains and vomit just like in the first movie." The biggest difference will be in the special effects. "Thanks to CGI, I will be able to make these movies much more gory and the effects will be much more spectacular and realistic."

At the time of writing the cast is unconfirmed, but the word on the street is that Rainn Wilson will be playing the dual roles of Derek and Robert, with Jackson's King Kong buddy Jack Black possibly taking the part of Barry. Pro wrestler Brock Lesnar and Guy Pearce have also been linked to the movie, possibly in the roles of Ozzy and Frank.

Whoever PJ casts for this movie, I will be there on opening night to watch it. As a life long fan of the aptly named Bad Taste movie, with it's quirky almost Pythonesque humor, and it's gory splatter horror effects, I am looking forward to seeing Derek and his friends take on the rest of the aliens.

Share your Bad Taste experience below. Have you ever seen it? Had you seen it before Peter Jackson became a famous Oscar winning director? Do you agree that Bad Taste is better than the first Hobbit movie? Should PJ subtitle the sequels 'The Derek Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Robert'?

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