Thursday, October 9, 2014

Decathlete awaiting Jenner reassignment operation

By +Ian C

Olympic decathlete and Kardashian Step-dad, Bruce Jenner, is on a waiting list for a gender reassignment operation. He will take the final step next summer and will be known as Bridgette.

Bruce Jenner to become Bridgette Jenner
Bruce will become Bridgette after his Jenner reassignment
Bruce Jenner rose to glory in the 1976 Olympics winning gold in the Decathlon, probably the most grueling event of his life so far. At the time he didn't know that even more grueling challenges were coming in the shape of living with Kris Kardashian and her brood.

Bruce and Kris were married in 1991 and he was emasculated shortly after that. After 2 decades of having wife Kris wear the pants, he decided that we wanted to be emasculated literally and began the process to become a woman. Bruce has undergone a series of plastic surgeries including skin tucks and having his Adam's Apple reduced.

Bruce has also been caught diving into stepdaughter Khloe's wardrobe, trying on her clothes, He chose to raid Khloe's closet because the amazonian baby sister is the only Kardashian who has clothes that would fit him.

Bruce escorts Khloe to her wedding
"Can I have the dress when you're done?"
The International Olympic Committee have not officially commented on Bruce's plans, but historically they have never stripped an athlete of a medal due to gender reassignment after competition. It is entirely possible that Bruce/Bridgette could be the first person to win both an Olympic Decathlon and Heptathlon medal since both sports are gender specific. The biggest difference between the two events is that the ladies don't do the pole vault.

Bruce still has a few months to be sure he wants to go ahead with the final male to female operation which is soon to be known as a "Dick-Off-Lon".

Share your thoughts below. Do you think he should go ahead with the op? Does he look better as a woman or a man? Could you spend 2 decades living with the Kardashians?

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