Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back in black (and white)

By +Ian C

It's October 1st and Slap the Penguin makes a triumphant return after a 2 month layoff. During our time away we had a chance to re-examine our mission statement and rediscover our original direction.

We are so fucking sorry
We are truly sorry
Sadly, over a period of time, 'The Penguin' had taken a few turns which led us away from the initial concept that we had envisaged, which in turn led to a more demanding workload and more punishing deadlines than any of us were able to deal with. As a result the quality of our output diminished in favor of more lower quality posts. We also made the mistake of getting our priorities wrong, sacrificing comedy content for other personal gains.

Having learned from these errors, we will endeavor to make Slap the Penguin a better experience for everyone. Our commitment to you, our favorite reader, is to post more quality satirical news, and to rely less on filler material and cheap laughs.

We hope that you give us another chance to make you make us part of your regular online comedy experience.

[/end text]
Cut and paste that into the upload file and click on publish. That should keep them happy for a while. I can't believe our readers would be dumb enough to fall for that pile of crap.

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