Sunday, October 19, 2014

Granny's muffin brings all the boys to the yard

By Sue Casa via +Tina Cruris

This is a guest post by Sue Casa.

Ask anybody in the town of Witney in Oxford, UK about muffins and they will all say that Betsy Stoker's muffin is the best. Even Prime Minister David Cameron has gone on record praising Betsy's muffin saying, "Her muffin is moist and tasty and if you get the chance to eat it warm....Mmm-mmm-mmmm."

Betsy Stoker cleaning her muffin tray
Betsy like to keep her muffin tray nice and clean
Betsy has been baking muffins for over 70 years and has her own secret recipe which she adapted and perfected from the one that her grandmother gave to her as a child. "Men love to get a taste of muffin," Betsy told us. "and if it's a good muffin they will come back again and again. Pretty soon word spreads and before long all the boys want to get a nibble of your muffin."

Betsy offering some boys a piece of her muffin
Betsy started offering her muffin to boys way back in the 1950s
I asked Betsy if she could teach me how to make my muffin irresistible, but she was unwilling to share the family secret with anybody who is not a direct descendant, even though I promised not to tell anyone else.

In my quest for the perfect muffin I tracked down Betsy's estranged sister, Irene, in the hope that she was also given the family recipe. Sadly Irene was unable to remember the recipe but she was able to share one of Nana Stoker's tips about muffins.

Nobody likes a yeasty muffin
Sister Irene shares Nana Stoker's tip about making muffins edible
It's a good job that Betsy has a big yard because after this post, her muffin will bring a lot more boys to it.

Betsy's muffin brings all the boys to the yard
Better get baking Betsy, those boys look hungry for some muffin
Do you have a special muffin recipe that you would like to share with the readers? Use the comments section below.

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