Saturday, January 23, 2021

Mandalorian writers add time travel twist

By Brad Naylor

There are many reddits full of fan theories regarding Disney's latest SWU hit, The Mandalorian. One of the latest and least believable is that 'Baby Yoda' is actually baby Yoda. Confused? Keep reading and I will really mess with your mind...

mind your mess with your will I
mind your mess with will I really

Ever since the first time that Grogu, a.k.a. The Child, was introduced to viewers of Disney's The Mandalorian, he has been erroneously known as Baby Yoda. This was mostly due to him being a being of the same species to which Jedi Master Yoda belongs. Misnaming members of this unnamed species is not uncommon, Yoda himself was originally known as Minch Yoda but George Lucas decided that he would be called Yoda, just plain Yoda (😉 Mel). Another online onomastic opinion is that Yoda's last name was going to be Layheehoo. 

Anyway, moving on from yodeling to the Yoda-ling... the fan theory states that somehow, after he is trained in the Jedi arts by Luke Spoileralertwalker, Grogu goes back through time and grows up to be Yoda who in turn begins Luke's Jedi training so that he can face Darth Vader who is none other than his own father, Annikin Spoileralertwalker (come on, you must have seen Empire, or at least know the story).

Recap. Grogu goes back in time and actually is baby Yoda. But wait, this is where the fan theory stops. It doesn't stretch this far yet but I am sure it will get to where I am going, I am just skipping ahead a few chapters before the rest of reddit catches up... Yoda is actually Grogu's father. Born in 41BBY Grogu is the same age as Annikin Spoileralertwalker and some suggest he was called into being by The Force to balance out the big evil that Vader would become. The biggest proponent of the Force Balance theory is Yoda himself, probably covering for a night of indiscretion behind the Jedi temple.
Lady Yoda
"Promised me the world he did, hmmm"

Hold on, I'm getting to the point. So Grogu somehow manages to unlock the mystery of time travel, a concept not even remotely addressed anywhere else in the SWU and goes back a couple hundred years and becomes Yoda, his own father; not quite as messed up as Predestination, but pretty close. So where is Din Djarin during all this? Does he know what Grogu is up to? Does he condone what is happening?

He is instrumental in the whole scheme. His Beskar Steel is the only thing strong enough to stand up to the 1.21 Gigawatts of power needed to travel through time and his rocket pack allows Grogu to reach the required 88 miles per hour for time travel to occur.

You built a time machine out of a Mandalorian
You built a time machine out of a Mandalorian?

What do you think? Should the SWU start messing with time travel story lines? Is there a timeline in the multiverse where Han shot first? Is this twist going to be more canon or Qanon? Share your opinions, thoughts, abuse and nerdish corrections in the comments below.

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George Lucas said...

Wow. Way to drag out a made up story just to drop a shitty punchline on us. Actually slightly funny 7/10.

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