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What got slapped 12 months ago - October 2014

By +Tina Cruris

Wow, October came round quickly, especially since we hardly posted anything in September. Once again we will be reviewing or reslapping previous posts from yesteryear. Read on to discover our top stories from this time last year.

Some of you are seasoned reslappers, but for those of you who are new simply scroll down beyond the montage image and read the teasers. Click on the headline of anything that interests you. Or alternately you can click HERE to get a complete list of posts from October 2014 and pick your own top 5.

Top stories from October 2014
Top stories from October 2014 montage

The top 5 posts from October 2014 are:

#5 Kenny Chesney launches his own theme park
Ambiguous country singer, Kenny Chesney had plans to launch his very own Nashville theme park with Chesney oriented attractions. Click the headline to find out more.

We were among the first to call the Bruce Jenner sex change story, even though we got his/her new name wrong. Our sources told us that Bruce would be going by the name Bridgette. I guess he changed his mind after we published our post.

George Clooney has ignored numerous rumors regarding his sexuality, and last year he proved them all wrong by marrying Amal Alamuddin. Find out more...

One of the things that JK Rowling tried to keep under wraps about the Potter universe was a certain spell which was thought to be forgotten. Take a guess at what the spell could be then click the link to find out if you were right.

There have been many theories as to why Microsoft skipped Windows 9, and some of them are well thought out and quite convincing. If you want to know the real reason then click the link and learn something today.

Our favorite post from October 2010. Take a laugh at the silly names that Austrians give their towns and cities.

I hope you had fun reliving the past with us. Share your favorite post with us in the comments section below.

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