Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Tina - Helping Her Peers

Dear Tina,
I have a regular advice column on a popular blog (not as popular as yours) and like you, I am reliant on people sending in questions for me to offer advice. How do you keep a constant flow of topics and questions in order to maintain your column?

Sincerely, George Travis (

Dear Libby/George, thanks for your email.
It is no secret that you need to build a strong readership base and that can only be done with time, and offering sound and honest advice to your readers, who will then learn to trust you. As a result your reputation will spread and grow.

My first suggestion would be never let your readers know that your name is George when you answer questions as Dear Libby.

Got a question? I have an answer
Secondly, you can ask friends and colleagues to submit “hypothetical” questions to give you some backup material should you hit a lean period.

A third option would be to write your own questions and give some good advice in response to it.

Basically you just have to stick with it through thick and thin, it's a lot of hard work, but it is truly rewarding to be able to help people.

If you need advice on absolutely anything then email me -Tina.cruris(at)

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