Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Happy 10th Birthday to Slap The Penguin

By Ian C.

Hey penguin slappers, it has been a while since I have posted anything new here. Since our last outing they have revamped the Blogger interface and it took me about 88 seconds to figure out where I was and how to do what I wanted to do.

Anyway, I know I said we wold not be posting anything until the current sitting POTUS and hater of fake news is ousted from power, but something has happened in this world which is more important than out political stance. I am of course talking about COVID 19 our 10th birthday/anniversary.

STP 10 - Viral Comedy

Also on the horizon for celebration is our 1,000,000th page view. We will have a small party when that milestone arrives. On a behind the scenes level we have just been paid our second advertising fee by google for all the ads you see on these pages. 2 payments in 10 years is just enough to pay for our domain fees so totally worth boring you guys with intrusive advertisements for whatever interesting items are in the cookie jar on your hard drive.

10 years, wow, where did the time go. I still have my hair and I am back to my pre-marital weight thanks to Fitbit

No Charge 4 clicking this link

Brad got promoted and says he doesn't have enough time to write silly stuff anymore, but he will come around once we get back into the swing of things.

Tina is still Tina but now she is married and is no longer qualified to give relationship advice, even though she continues to receive questions, mostly from young men, regarding all manner of problems and not all of them sexual.

Alexa moved from her home state of Georgia to a weird town in Wyoming that only gets internet for 3 days every month when the Mobile Satellite Web Vehicle visits. It used to be called the Sprinternet until Sprint, the telecommunications company threatened to sue them for $325.74 which is all the company was (and I think still is) worth. They have since changed their name to Commercially Organised Vehicular Internet Delivery and suddenly nobody is interested in using the Mobile Internet service anymore.

That is still the current line up of writers here at STP and we look forward to returning to bringing you the best news, views and product reviews.

uncle-sam-we-want-you - University Innovation Fellows

We want you to share your opinion with us. We had quite a discussion about whether this is a birthday or anniversary celebration and the vote went right down the middle, Sadly we didn't have an electoral college to help the wrong answer get selected so we need you guys to chime in using the comments section below to let us know your (relevant) thoughts. Since I am writing and editing this post I chose birthday for the title, but in true democratic form I can and will change that if enough people suggest that it is an anniversary.

While you are here, please trawl through our links and archives if only to see how funny we used to be when we first started this and actually gave a shit about what we did.

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