Sunday, March 11, 2018

Where are they now? Slap the Penguin

By +Ian C

Hi. How are you? Haven't seen you for a while.
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Remember that Satirical News Blog called Slap the Penguin? It was really popular a couple of years ago, before fake news became a mainstream professional thing. Things started to fall apart as the Trump political era dawned. News stories were scrutinized and fact checked, and things looked bleak for non-factual news. It was at that time we decided to take a break from Slapping Penguins.

As time passed, and the ridiculousness of the Presidency increased, the need for us to make stuff up decreased. Being the chief editor, I didn't want to take an anti-Presidential position, but the way the news was developing it was all too easy to fall into that trap. Nobody could tell the difference between straight up news and satire.

Other ventures have pulled the writing team in different directions and the momentum has been lost for the moment, but it will return. Who knows when or in what shape, but nothing keeps a good penguin down. I am of course speaking metaphorically since we know that penguins can't fly

"Hey, where are they now?" you should be yelling if you made it this far.

OK. Well I am here, writing this as well as being a family man and keeping down a full time retail management position, in the liquor industry! I spend way to much time following my other passion of being a shitty musician/mix engineer.

Tina has found a man, a man worth investing some time and effort in. She may even end up getting married and settling down, and it's about time since she is not getting any younger.

Brad is still working full time for a multinational conglomerate corporation in the R+D department, making profits from mistakes.

Alexa is busy laughing at people who are so lazy that they need to have Amazon's voice operated virtual assistant in their homes.

Who knows where we actually are when you get round to reading this. Maybe you are reading this in the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive. I know we won't be there to respond to anything you write in the comments section below.

Anyway, stick around for a while. Check out our archives and click the sponsored links so that my descendants can cash in on the advertising revenue.

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