Thursday, September 10, 2015

Uber driver runs over passenger

By +Ian C

A German born Uber driver took his job literally when he ran über a passenger in the Gold Coast area of Queensland, Australia last Friday. Fortunately, the victim's name is Sascha and not Alice, otherwise our headline writer would have had a field day.

Uber means OVER in German
Good job her name was Sascha and not Alice
Sascha Pangallo called an uber to get a ride home last Friday, and ended up in hospital. The driver, who is being called 'Paul', allegedly became irate that Miss Pangallo was talking on her phone at the same time as she was giving him directions. According to Pangallo's facebook post, Paul stopped the car and began to drag her out of her seat until he realized that there were witnesses.

"He soon realised [sic] that there were 4 on lookers [sic] witnessing the whole thing and yelling that they were calling the police - he then panicked and ran back around to the driver side door, jumped in to his 4WD - and hit the accelerator like an absolute maniac."

Sascha Pangallo's injuries as posted on her facebook page
Sascha Pangallo's injuries as posted on her facebook page
She tried to retrieve her bags as he sped away and somehow ended up with her leg being run over by the wheel of his vehicle resulting in alleged burn/skin abrasion a suspected blood clot and a possible broken leg. 

Pangallo was a frequent Uber user and has been pro-Uber in the recent battle with the Aussie Cab drivers, but now she has lost faith in the company and claims she will never use them again. Uber can definitely do without this kind of negative publicity given that they are being taken to court by a united front of taxi drivers who are losing customers daily to the internet ride business, claiming that Uber drivers should be held to the same standards of training and safety as licensed taxi drivers, and also levied the same taxes and fees as registered taxi operators.

An Aussie Cab
An Aussie Cab
An Uber spokesperson has announced that 'Paul' no longer works for them since they have a zero tolerance policy with aggressive or dangerous drivers, especially those who cause bodily harm to customers with their vehicles. He had no comments with respect to the fight with the Aussie Cab drivers.

What do you think? Does that look like a broken leg? Do you think Uber are better and cheaper? Did you know that 'über' was German for over?

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