Sunday, November 18, 2012

Product Review - Pilot G2 Ultrafine Retractable Pen

Things are a little quiet in the product review department right now and I got the short straw to come up with something to review, so I chose something that is close to my heart. Literally close to my heart since I keep one in my breast pocket for the best part of my work day.

In my (real) job I do a lot of writing. I write notes, I write reports and I have even been known to write a few checks so making the write right choice of pen is very important. The company I work for buy basic black and blue budget bic ballpoint bundles. These come with many frustrations for someone like me so I looked around for a better solution.

Pilot G2 Ultrafine
Pilot G2 Ultrafine - these pens are awesome
The pilot G2 series comes in a number of different point sizes and I tried a few before settling on the 0.38 Ultrafine. Some colleagues of mine like the 0.5, claiming that it flows more smoothly, but when you need to use a little pressure for a carbon copy on checks and invoices, the Ultrafine 0.38 is the winner.

All of the G2's have a rubberized 'comfort grip' which is offers a considerable advantage over the basic bic by offering a non-slip contact which helps prevent hand-cramp during extended periods of writing, and that is a very important factor for me.
Bic Stick with no cap
Where is the damn cap?
Another plus with this brand over bic-sticks is that it's retractable and has no cap to lose. Click once to write, click again and the pointy writey bit returns home once more. and there is no 'globbing'. Globbing is a technical term that I just created to describe the mess that appears at the end of a standard ballpoint pen.

I have been using the Pilot G2 Ultrafine for a number of years now, and so far I have only a few complaints. This pen does not react well to being dropped directly on its tip, so don't do that. It tends to become leaky and less inclined to write, kind of like me after a couple of beers.

A couple of the G2's I have owned have also had weak pocket clips which have snapped off during normal usage which does not affect the writing function of the pen in any way. It just means that the little bugger rattles around in your pocket rather than standing to attention, ready for action.

Pilot G2 Ultrafine 0.38

Anyone with smaller writing like mine is going to benefit from this smooth writing ultrafine point. The ink flows evenly and smoothly and the smaller rollerball allows for changes of writing direction in tighter spaces. People with larger writing may find the broader point of the extrafine 0.5 more useable, but I am sticking to my 0.38.

Unfortunately, the 0.38 is not as widely available in stores as the broader point versions so I generally order a pack online when the ink gets half way down the barrel of my last pen. I average about 5-6 weeks worth of ink per pen, so 2 five packs last me a year.

There is no doubt as to why the G2 is America's #1 selling gel pen. It is certainly Brad's #1 pen, gel or otherwise.

Pilot G2 Ultrafine Retractable Gel Pen
Penguin Rating
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